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Getting the Most from Your Content with Email Marketing

Slickstream note: Today, we're doing something different on the blog, and inviting Allea Grummert to write a guest post that we think aligns very nicely with what we do. She's an expert on email marketing, and has a ton of great advice on how to get more out of your existing content. This is not an advertisement or a paid placement -- it's just content we thought would be valuable to our subscribers. Enjoy!

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Data-Driven Growth: How to Use Slickstream Analytics

One of the best parts about subscribing to Slickstream is the wealth of data available in your analytics portal. It features content insights, clickthrough data, search queries, recommendation pairs, individual widget usage, and much more. To be honest, we know it can be a little overwhelming!

That's why I wanted to take some time today to outline some of the best ways our publishers use Slickstream insights to grow their sites, and to show off some of the information you may not have realized was there. Let's dive in:

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Billing Backend Gets an Upgrade

Today we're happy to announce a significant upgrade to Slickstream's billing system, which should better address the needs of our users. Over the next 30 days, all of our existing customers will be migrated over to the new system, which is powered by the financial services company Stripe. This will increase the transparency and availability of users' invoices and billing history, and provide them with more control over their payment methods and preferences.

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