Mar 11, 2021 1:26:19 PM

Google Web Stories Team Joins Slickstream for Publisher Q&A

These days, everyone's talking about stories. Publishers are incorporating these vertical, social-style videos into their websites more and more, but are often struggling to know if they're on the right track. And with the technology and landscape evolving so fast, it can be very difficult to keep up. 

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Feb 22, 2021 1:30:14 PM

Tasty Recipes Integrates Slickstream Favorites

If you're a food blogger using WP Tasty as your recipe plugin, we have great news for you: you now have the option of integrating your Slickstream Favorites directly into your Tasty Recipes recipe card.

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Feb 10, 2021 9:33:19 PM

WP Recipe Maker Adds Slickstream Save Function

For many of our users in the food blogging industry, WP Recipe Maker is an absolute must-have for their site. It's a feature-rich recipe plugin for WordPress that creates handy 'cards' where visitors (and search engines) can get all the information they need.

And one of those features is now the ability to integrate directly with Slickstream!

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Feb 10, 2021 11:59:32 AM

Slickstream Adds First-Party Data Integration with Mediavine

Everybody's got first-party data on their minds today, with the specter of the end of cookies looming large over publishers worried about how it will affect their advertising revenue.

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Jan 11, 2021 7:09:55 PM

How to Fully Integrate and Monetize Your Web Stories

Web stories, the web version of the popular social media format, are rapidly increasing in popularity thanks to a renewed emphasis by Google.  Google views stories as a great new traffic source for publishers but equally importantly, as a new engaging medium on the web.  (Watch this short overview from the stories team at Google). 

Google suggests "deeply integrating Stories into your website" as part of their Stories specific SEO tactics.  At Slickstream we’ve launched a new set of features in the Engagement Suite focused on seamlessly integrating stories into publishers sites as well as ensuring stories are always presented on monetized pages within the site's theme.  These features work with stories created using the Google Web Story WordPress plugin or with stories authored with the Slickstream Story service. 


Below is a overview of how to monetize stories and more details on the new features, or you can just skip to how to add them to your site.

Discover the Engagement Suite

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Dec 9, 2020 8:43:07 AM

Supply-Based Search for Crafts/DIY Sites

A few months ago, we announced a feature that utilized the structured data many of our publishers in the cooking/recipe space were already producing: ingredient-based search.

Today we're happy to announce another such feature, this time for those in the crafts/DIY vertical: supply-based search!

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Dec 2, 2020 8:07:36 PM

Case Study: Crazy Clickthrough With Content Grids on DIY & Crafts

If there’s one thing that matters to us most here at Slickstream, it’s the visitor engagement data that drives everything we do. And while it’s all well and good to create shiny new objects for our publishers to put on their sites, in the end they have to actually drive clickthrough.

So when we roll out a new tool in the Engagement Suite, the first thing we do is test, test, test! And this week, our friends at DIY & Crafts were kind enough to let us publish the results on our latest addition: the content grid.

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Oct 26, 2020 9:46:38 PM

Engagement Suite Minimum Price Now Just $10 per Month

When we introduced the Slickstream Engagement Suite in October 2019, one of our primary pricing considerations was our ability to adequately support all of our customers, including a high-touch onboarding process. That meant that we needed to set a monthly minimum price that made it viable for us to provide enough attention to every customer, and we landed on $25/mo.

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Oct 23, 2020 1:21:58 PM

Why Add Slickstream Stories to My Website?

Slickstream stories are getting added to a lot of our customers' websites. We've been asked an important question frequently: Why should I add stories to my website?

Of course, there is no one right answer. Each publisher will have to reach his or her own conclusion. But here are some reasons to consider:

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Oct 14, 2020 12:11:27 PM

Slickstream Updates: 10/14/2020

Slickstream has been updated for all customers today. These changes should have no effect on existing customers -- at least until they choose to take advantage of these new capabilities.

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