One of the key components of Slickstream's Engagement Suite is its Heartbeat/Favorites tool, which you may recognize as the heart icon that sits above search in the bottom right corner of Slickstream-enabled websites.

It's one of our most-used tools (particularly on mobile) and it serves two valuable purposes for publishers:

  • First, it enables visitors to effortlessly express their appreciation on posts, and engages them with live animations as visitors from around the world do the same.
  • Second, it provides those visitors with an easy method to save content and refer back to it later on a personal 'Favorites' page, without having to log in or enter an email address.

Today we've made an update which we think improve both its look and feel and its overall functionality. Users can now access their favorites from the Heartbeat module itself, via a simple and intuitive bookmark icon that appears after clicking.

You can see it in action below:


The update is designed to drive adoption for content favoriting and to clarify the module's function to visitors, without creating a larger footprint on your site. We'll be closely monitoring the results to ensure that it's working, and of course we always incorporate customer feedback into our product enhancements.

If you're an existing Slickstream user, this update should have just gone live on your site. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Topics: Engagement Suite, Product Enhancements

John Greely

Written by John Greely

Hi, I'm John! I run marketing for Slickstream. In a past life I was an early employee at Bleacher Report, and I'm both a Gaucho and a Longhorn.

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