We are releasing a minor update today to address a few important issues that have come to our attention.


First, there was a bug in the way we are hooking the search boxes on some sites -- so that if you use TAB to navigate around the page, you may get "trapped" in our search panel. This has been corrected.

Keyword navigation to controls (using TAB) is one part of our support for accessibility to conform with ADA recommendations.

We've added several important improvements to our contribution to accessibility on customer sites:

  • All of our clickable controls (e.g., buttons, search box, category buttons, search results, etc.) have keyboard focus indicators -- telling you when you can use the keyboard for that control; and
  • All of our controls and images have appropriate labels so that they will work well with screen readers.

You can read more about our approach to accessibility here

Fix for Firefox Private Browsing

Because of security issues, our solution does not work for those using Firefox in Private Browsing mode with our older inline embed script (v1.16.3 or via the WordPress plugin 1.1.4 or earlier).

If you are using the WordPress plugin, update to the latest (1.1.5). If you are using our inline embed script, replace it with the code you find on the Embed page in your Slickstream portal.

Footer Ad Adhesion

In our last release we added support for "footer adhesion" which means that our search/favorite buttons, if configured accordingly, will "float" just above any footer ad or cookie bar. There were minor cases where we were not adding appropriate margin above these and that has now been corrected.

Topics: Engagement Suite, Update Notes

Kingston Duffie

Written by Kingston Duffie

Kingston is the CEO/CTO of Slickstream.

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