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The Slickstream Engagement Suite just got even better. We've rolled out several upgrades to search, email integration, multi-language support and more. Read on below to see what we changed:

First, we're excited to announce category-aware search, which enables users to refine their searches based on your site's tags. Category cards will now auto-populate as you search, and can be used to filter results. You can read the details of how this works here.
You'll also notice we've added 'my recent views' to the top of your search page, another enhancement for visitors navigating your site. 
Another big area in this upgrade is around languages. We have significantly improved our ability to recommend content on sites that use multiple languages, including page-group settings and language-specific category search. We also now officially support Dutch! More details on all this here.

Email integration has been improved, including the addition of ConvertKit support. This should enable customers to more seamlessly integrate their email lists with our favorites tool. Details.
Speaking of favorites, we've added two new options in your settings. You can now set a threshold for the minimum count at which they'll be visible, opt to use a random 'seed' number when posting new content, or start them from scratch. 

As always, we want to hear your ideas and feedback about the Engagement Suite. Please contact us any time at support@slickstream.com.

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Kingston Duffie

Written by Kingston Duffie

Kingston is the CEO/CTO of Slickstream.

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