Supply-Based Search for Crafts/DIY Sites

A few months ago, we announced a feature that utilized the structured data many of our publishers in the cooking/recipe space were already producing: ingredient-based search.

Today we're happy to announce another such feature, this time for those in the crafts/DIY vertical: supply-based search!

This feature automatically pulls the supplies list from the LD_JSON on your page, the same way you communicate it with Google.

Our friends at Crafts by Amanda have already implemented the feature, and were kind enough to let us show it in action here.

As you can see, in the standard search panel within the Slickstream Engagement Suite, there is now a 'supplies' option.


In the above use case, the visitor would select to search by supply first. But that's just the beginning - Slickstream search can identify when you're searching for a valid supply and will highlight the option accordingly, with "using these supplies".

mason jar

Above is the standard search for "mason jar," while below is the format after toggling supply-based search.

mason jar 2

This feature is already available for all Engagement Suite customers and trialists with no additional charge. If you're interested in implementing it and want to know more, don't hesitate to reach out!

And if you haven't tried Slickstream yet, what are you waiting for? It's completely free for 30 days with no commitment whatsoever. Sign up here today!