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How Slickstream Impacts Site Speed

If there's one question we get all the time from our customers, it's "How is Slickstream going to affect my site speed?"

Frankly, it's an excellent question. I don't have to tell you how important site speed is to publishers — it has a huge impact on both advertising revenue and visitor satisfaction.

So we decided to dive into the numbers on what actually happens when you add the Slickstream Engagement Suite to your website. I'll get to that below, but first it's important to explain how we work and what the most important metrics to focus on are.

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Welcome to Slickstream

Search, Discover, and Engage with Slickstream

Hi everyone, and welcome to Slickstream! We're a startup with a simple mission: To help publishers create exceptional user experiences and maximize their visitor engagement.

Why engagement? Well, there are a handful of reasons.

  1. It's valuable. Publishers generate revenue from serving advertisements, and the more pageviews they get the more ads they can serve. But increasing pageviews isn't just about acquiring new visitors — it's also about increasing the amount of time existing visitors spend on site, and the amount of content they consume. That's where we come in.
  2. It's underserved. While there are countless products on the acquisition side (think SEO, social media, campaign management, etc.), there are very few that help publishers actually increase their on-site performance metrics. Our Engagement Suite product was built to do just that, by offering tools to help users Search, Discover, and Engage with content.
  3. It's the whole point! Publishers don't create content in a vacuum; they create it for their audience to consume. Our users put their hearts and souls into their websites, and we help them make the most of their hard work. You can read for yourself how they feel about it (spoiler: they're big fans).

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