WP Recipe Maker Adds Slickstream Save Function

For many of our users in the food blogging industry, WP Recipe Maker is an absolute must-have for their site. It's a feature-rich recipe plugin for WordPress that creates handy 'cards' where visitors (and search engines) can get all the information they need.

And one of those features is now the ability to integrate directly with Slickstream!

That's right, for all of our Engagement Suite publishers currently using WPRM, you now have the option to add a 'save' button directly to your recipe cards, which will automatically populate a visitor's Slickstream favorites.

You can see this in action with our friends at Chef Savvy, where they have a 'save recipe' button right at the top of the card. 

Or you can see it over at The Chunky Chef, where their WPRM recipe cards have "save for later" at the bottom.

These buttons tie directly into a user's Slickstream favorites, and are immediately accessible from the search panel or the bookmark icon in the bottom right.

You can learn more and demo the functionality here, and please let us know if you have any more questions or suggestions for future integrations.