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Engagement Suite

How much does the Engagement Suite cost?

The Slickstream Engagement Suite is free for your first 30 days with our no-risk trial. Afterwards, you'll be charged 12.5¢ for every 1000 pageviews on your site, with a minimum of $25 /month.

So if your site gets 400,000 pageviews in a month, you'll be charged $50. And we guarantee you'll generate more than enough additional revenue to cover the cost.

Check out our full pricing details here.

What’s included with the 30-day free trial?

Everything! When you sign up for our free 30-day Engagement Suite trial, we set your website up with the tools you want, at zero cost to you — we won’t even ask for your credit card information up front. If for any reason you don’t like it, you can cancel at any point during your 30-day trial without paying a dime.

If you decide to subscribe, you will need to provide a credit card at that point. You will not be charged for any previous usage — instead, starting one month later, you will be charged based on actual traffic volume during that month.

How will Slickstream impact my site speed?


We've put an enormous amount of time, energy, and thought into keeping your site as fast as possible, and are continuously improving. While we would never claim to have zero effect on site speed, it's safe to say our impact is very small.

You can read more about our impact on site speed here.

How long will Slickstream take to set up on my website?
Your site can be running SlickStream tomorrow, without any complicated technical implementation. Once you've been approved for a trial, we’ll get your site ready to go within hours.
Why is pricing based on traffic volume?
In order to present the best recommendations to your visitors, our content discovery engine has to collect and process every pageview and every click from every visitor to your site. Our cloud computing costs for processing and storage scales with the amount of traffic.
Do you have a discount for annual pre-payment?
We have plans for this, but currently only support a monthly subscription plan.
Is it worth it? Why should I spend this money?

First, we hope you and your visitors will love our recommendations, our widgets and what they do.

Second, you should see an immediate increase in revenue from additional pageviews from your visitors. If your RPM is, for example, $10 then an increase in pageviews of at least 1% will pay for Slickstream and for most sites the clickthrough rates on our widgets are far in excess of that amount.

Third, and most important, we want to be part of your long-term growth strategy. The best way to grow your site over time is to delight your visitors. Our data shows that return visitors are almost twice as likely to use our widgets, leading us to believe that we are part of the reason they are returning to the site.

How will I know whether I'm getting my money's worth?
Included with Slickstream are metrics that will tell you how much our widgets are helping and give you information about how they are being used (including what people are searching for). You can also verify this independently using your own analytics if you prefer.
What if I'm not satisfied?
Adding Slickstream to your site is a one-minute job -- adding an embed code to your pages. Removing Slickstream just requires that you remove that embed code and cancel your subscription. We guarantee that you will generate more revenue than you have to pay us. We also guarantee that you are fully satisfied. You can terminate your service at any time without notice.
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Slick Stories

What are Slick Stories?
Slick Stories are a sequence of short video or image pages with annotations that tell a simple narrative, similar to what you might find on popular social media sites. While those sites want to keep you within their gated ecosystem, we think you should be able to use your content however you want. That's why we've made Slick Stories easily creatable, sharable and embeddable. 
How much will they cost?
Slick Story hosting will be available under a tiered subscription service separate from our Engagement Suite. Further details will be released soon.
Will I be able to monetize my Stories?
Yes. There are many ways that Slick Stories can increase revenue from your site. We plan to allow publishers to place ads within stories via their existing ad networks. Stories are also a great opportunity for sponsored content. And for corporate sites and e-commerce sites, good stories are sure to increase engagement.
Can I really use them anywhere?
Absolutely. Whether you want to embed on your website or link to a standalone page, Slick Stories adapt beautifully to the device and location they are being viewed on.
How will I create and edit them?
All you need is a browser to create and edit your stories. You can do it on your phone or desktop computer. If you're familiar with creating stories on your social media accounts, you'll find it very similar.
Can I use my existing stories from social media platforms?
Yes! You own the content that you upload to social media. You can download that content (excluding any material like music that you don't have the copyright for) and use it to create a Slick Story. Some app-specific concepts (like swipe-up gestures) may not translate directly, but can usually be adapted easily to the web.
When will Slick Stories be available?
Slick stories are in limited release today — you can see an example of an embedded slick story here. We'll be making stories more widely available later this year. If you'd like to get involved early, join our waiting list.
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Everything Else

Why should I trust you?

Great question — you've worked hard on your site, and you want to know that we're actually going to help you. Here are a couple of reasons to give us your trust: 

  1. We've got a whole heap of happy customers.
  2. We're real people, with serious tech experience.
  3. We offer a no-risk 30-day free trial for our Engagement Suite! It includes every feature in the full product and can be set up in just a couple days. 
What if I have another question?
No problem! Contact us now and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.