Let's talk dollars and cents 

Here at Slickstream, we value fairness and transparency in our pricing. We offer our Engagement Suite free for your first 30 days, so you can find out if it's right for you. Afterward it's 12.5¢ for every 1,000 total pageviews, with a minimum monthly price of $10 per site.

We do things that way because our content discovery engine has to collect and process every pageview and click from each visitor to your site. Our costs for processing and storage scale with your traffic, so that's how we price. That way you're only being charged for what you use, and nothing more. 


Is it worth it?

Absolutely! For most websites, the Engagement Suite will more than pay for itself. And if you're not seeing the benefits, you can cancel your subscription any time for any reason and only pay for what you used.

Check out our tool below to estimate your monthly price, and try for free today!


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What about Slickstream Stories?

Thanks for asking! Slickstream Stories are now officially in beta, and we are pulling sites off the waitlist every week. While they will be totally free for the duration of the beta program, once they go live to the general public we will be charging an additional $0.05 per 1,000 pageviews with an embedded story, at a minimum price of $10 per month.