How to add the Slickstream Content Grid

The Slickstream Content Grid is a grid of posts that is typically added below your content or in the sidebar of your post

As this is a new feature, the full configuration options are not yet available in your portal.  To set up the Content Grid, please contact us at with the following information.

  • Your website.
  • The source of the posts to be included in the grid.  The current choices are: related, recent or popular.  Default is related.
  • The number of posts to be included in the grid on wider screens (desktop, laptop and tablet).  An even number is recommended so we can align the posts nicely.  Default is six.
  • The number of posts to be included in the grid on mobile.  Default is six.
  • If you'd like a title, the text for that title.  Default is no title.
  • Whether you'd like favorite counts listed on the posts in the grid along with an indication that a specific visitor has previously favorited a specific post.  Default is to show favorites.

Please also let us know where below the content or in the sidebar you'd like the grid(s) added, the more specific the better (ex. just after the content, just before the comments), and we'll take it from there.  We can also simply place the grid above or below an existing grid for you to compare.

Here's a visual example of the Content Grid on Green Lite Bites

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 4.43.34 PM