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Kingston Duffie

Kingston is the CEO/CTO of Slickstream.

Integrating Slickstream with Your Email Provider

The 'Favorites' system in the Slickstream Engagement Suite encourages visitors to sign in so that they can save and sync their favorites across all of their devices. If and when they sign in using this system, we collect their name and email address into your site's membership list. On the sign-up form, we ask them whether it is okay to contact them about new content. (You can customize the text in this checkbox if you want to request a different permission.)

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Slickstream Recommendations

One of the pillars of web engagement is getting people to visit more content on your site when they visit. We like to talk about the "buried treasure" problem. As a publisher, you know that you have lots of wonderful content on your site. It is frustrating that your visitors aren't aware of it.

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Filmstrips, Toolbars, and How They Fit on Your Site

One of Slickstream's engagement suite feature is our "filmstrip" widget. This is a scrolling carousel of recommended posts. The recommendations adapt to the context. Viewers can scroll to find interesting posts and click on one to navigate to it.

The filmstrip can appear in two different ways on your site: inline within your page or as a "toolbar" stuck to the top of the page. We talk about these as two different widgets: the "filmstrip" (inline in the page), and the "filmstrip toolbar" (stuck to the top of the page).

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The Science Behind Our Recommendation Engine

Our Engagement Suite is designed to keep your visitors on your site longer and to keep them coming back. We can't make your content better -- that part is up to you. But when you have great content, we want to make sure that your visitors can discover it easily.

One of the most important features in Slickstream is what we call our "recommendation engine". This lives "in the cloud". We maintain a complete model of all of the content on your site. And we watch every pageview and every click by every visitor to your site. We use all of that data to make predictions about what content to bring to the attention of your visitors. That's what the recommendation engine does.

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How Do Slickstream Favorites Work?

At Slickstream, we strive to engage your site's visitors. We want them to love their experience. If they do, they'll stay longer, return more often, and maybe even tell their friends about you.

We have combined the old-fashioned notions of "like buttons" and bookmarks into something new. We want to give your site visitors a fun way to express appreciation that has something in it for them as well.

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MailChimp Integration with Slickstream


Slickstream's membership feature enables your site visitors to save their favorites by signing in.   If you use MailChimp, we can automatically add these contacts into your system. 

We handle all of this for you. As part of the sign-up process, a viewer provides their email address, name, and password. We also present them with a checkbox that allows them to choose whether they will allow you (the site owner) to notify them about new content. (You can customize that checkbox message if you want to phrase that choice differently.)

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