Slickstream Outage: 01/07/2021

Starting at around 2:20AM Pacific Time today, Slickstream services for most of our customers were affected by a major network outage at our data center provider, OVH.  

As of now, 8:41AM Pacific Time, 1/7/2021, our services remain offline and we are waiting for corrective actions that OVH is taking.  

This is a similar network failure to the one that led to Slickstream's outage on Dec. 13, 2020. 

We understand the importance of our services to our customers.  We're extremely sorry for these problems.

Update:  9:53AM Pacific Time

Unfortunately, we're still waiting on the data center provider while they work on the network issues.   Will provide updates as soon as we learn more.

Update:  1/7/2021 10:29 AM PST:  Services coming back online

Services for most customers are coming back online.  We are now reviewing to ensure everything is returning properly into service.

Update: 1/7/2021 10:48 AM PST:  All services have been restored

All services have been restored.  We're extremely sorry for the loss of service.  We will be investigating further and will be looking for ways to avoid this again in future.