Terms of Service

Last Updated: March 3, 2019

About Us

Slickstream.com is a service created and operated by Hivepoint, incorporated in Delaware with headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Hivepoint does not currently operate any services other than Slickstream.

Our goal with Slickstream is to help online content creators ("publishers") increase engagement with their online visitors. In most cases, we expect this increased engagement to lead to increased revenue through advertising, promoted content, affiliate marketing, and/or subscriptions. We help increase engagement in a variety of ways -- through components ("widgets") that publishers can add to their site, through analytics that help explain visitor behavior, and through facilitating visitor communities.

Our solution is primarily a "cloud" solution. Publishers add an embed code into their website that allows us to participate within the browser context as each visitor views webpages on the publisher's site. Our scripts communicate with our cloud servers to record certain information and to present the appropriate information to the visitor. Our cloud servers inventory ("crawl") all of the content on the publisher's site in order to have a complete picture to present to visitors.

Our services are currently hosted securely in the cloud using Amazon Web Services.

Publishers can visit our site (slickstream.com) and, after authenticating, can configure and monitor activity about our service for their site(s).


We do not offer our services to all publishers. Depending on a variety of factors we may or may not choose to offer services to certain publishers. This may depend on the size or traffic volume of the site. It may also depend on the nature of the content on the site.

We maintain a waiting list of publishers requesting our service. We may service this waiting list in any order.


Either party (we or the publisher) may terminate services at any time for any reason.

If we choose to terminate service, we will give 60 days of notice to the publisher before doing so. However, in certain cases, service may be terminated without notice if it is determined that the publisher is in breach of this agreement. For example, if the site content is found to be inappropriate or repeated attempts to resolve payment issues have not been successful.

Subscription and Payments

Slickstream is a subscription service. We have multiple subscription products. We normally offer a short free trial period after which the publisher will need to provide a payment method (normally a credit card) and will be charged at the end of each period. In the case of our annual prepayment subscriptions, the publisher is paying for a year in advance and this fee is not refundable.

Some of our subscriptions have pricing that varies with the traffic volumes and/or other variable metrics. In these cases, the publisher agrees to be charged based on the actual or projected volume accordingly at the end or start of each period, depending on the product. The customer is notified in advance of upcoming charges, offering an opportunity to cancel the service rather than be charged for the next period.

A short grace period will be provided if charges fail or are late. After this point, service will be terminated or suspended until payment is completed.


We provide no warranty about our service. If a publisher finds that we are not providing the service that is expected, the only remedy is to terminate the service. However, we will do our best to promptly address any issues that are brought to our attention.

By using our services (even during a trial period) a publisher agrees not to hold us responsible for any loss or damage to their site or property. Website advertising, promotional partnerships, and affiliate marketing are complex and we cannot be held responsible for any impacts to these or other revenue sources to the publisher.

Likewise, we agree not to hold the publisher responsible for any negative effects to our services caused by their websites or their use of our site.


The publisher agrees to indemnify Hivepoint against any legal action taken against us by a third party because of the effect of our products on the publisher's site.

Intellectual Property

By the nature of our service, we will extract and store on our servers some of the content from the publisher's site. This includes images, text, and metadata. This information is used only for the purpose of providing our service. We serve up some of this content (e.g., thumbnail images, search results, etc.) directly from our servers, but only as part of the service we provide.

If a publisher agrees, we may choose to exhibit some of the publisher's content on our own site (slickstream.com) in which case it will be attributed and linked to the original content appropriately.

Good Faith

We will work in good faith to resolve any issues that are brought to our attention and expect publishers to do the same with us.