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Just who are these folks anyway?

Our Mission

Slickstream is a startup located in Palo Alto, California. We believe that giving website visitors a great experience is the best way to steadily build traffic and increase conversions over time, and we work with publishers and corporate websites to help them achieve that goal.
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Kingston Duffie


Kingston Duffie is the founder and CEO of Slickstream. His previous companies include Fanfare, Turnstone and Whitetree.

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John Greely

John Greely heads up our marketing department. In a past life, he was an early employee at Bleacher Report.
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Carl Hubbard

Carl Hubbard leads our product team. He is a seasoned executive with experience at Silver Peak, Fanfare and Turnstone.
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Lynn Kondo

Lynn Kondo is our Customer Advocate and is the primary point person for all customer support here at Slickstream.
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Nathan Neulinger

Cloud Ops
Nathan Neulinger is a Systems Administrator by trade with over 22 years of experience. He handles all of our Cloud Ops and IT needs.
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Preet Shihn

Preet Shihn writes code. He also worked at Fanfare. That's all he chose to include in this description. 
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