What creators are saying about Slickstream

Here's a sampling of what creators say about Slickstream: 

"I love being able to provide readers with the functionality you offer. That search function! Priceless. And my readers are really enjoying being able to save recipes with the hearts. Anything that makes users come back in this niche is so valuable." Nora, Savory Nothings
"It's such a cool addition - I'm loving it! The search is the BEST!" Kathy, Healthy Slow Cooking
"The new suite of analytics data is really fantastic... Sorting by active time lets me see what pages are 'stickiest' and be able to add more calls to action on those pages." Jenni, Pastry Chef Online
"I particularly love the search function, it's so much better than my old search." Sue, The View from Great Island
“I think Slickstream is amazing! I absolutely LOVE the search functionality.” Alexandra, Alexandra's Kitchen
"Me moría de ganas de encontrar una herramienta que me ayudara a enseñarle a mis lectores todo mi contenido. Me enamoré de Slickstream cuando lo encontré. La tira de contenido rescata todos los post olvidados y el buscador encuentra todo super fácil. Está lo máximo, de verdad, super recomendado." Alejandra, Piloncillo y Vainilla

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Take a look at these case studies from real Slickstream creators:

Case Study - Pinch of Yum
Pinch of Yum's Clicks Increase 17.6%

Want to know how we can increase engagement? We ran a thorough A/B test on Pinch of Yum, and the results honestly blew us away.

Case Study - TwoSleevers
Goal Conversions Climb at TwoSleevers

In our TwoSleevers A/B testing, we made an exciting discovery about our impact on goal conversions as measured by Google Analytics.

Misc - Mountaineer

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