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Slickstream provides you with all the tools you need to increase your visitor engagement. Looking for a better search solution? Solved. Want more clickable related content? We've got that. User-generated favorites? That's included too. Whatever your specific engagement goals are, we're here to help you achieve them.


"I love being able to provide readers with the functionality you offer. That search function! Priceless. And my readers are really enjoying being able to save recipes with the hearts. Anything that makes users come back in this niche is so valuable."

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Nora Savory Nothings

"Dang, you guys have given us some great data to work with. The new suite of analytics data is really fantastic. Being able to identify the "most" and the "least" on any one type of action can help me make more informed decisions across the board."

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Jenni Pastry Chef Online


Perfectly suits your site

When you sign up for the Slickstream Engagement Suite, we tailor the tools to your content specifically. We want to feel like a part of your site — not just some tacky add-on. That's why we don't put advertisements in our content, and why we focus so much on never slowing down your site. And with our analytics, you can easily gain insights into what's working and what could use a little work.

“This is awesome, thank you! The hearts are so cute, the filmstrips are great... and the search/favorites is amazing.”

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Studio Knit

Kristen Studio Knit


Finally, a better search option

We hear from a lot of publishers about their on-site search... specifically how painful it's always been for them. That's why they're so thrilled about Slickstream's search tool — it's fast, intuitive, and works right away. There's no complicated technical integration or huge customization fees, and you can have it live on your site within just a couple days of signing up.


"I particularly love the search function, it's so much better than my old search, and I have a large volume of posts so Slickstream is a great solution to getting more of them in front of people."

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Sue The View from Great Island

“I think Slickstream is amazing! … I absolutely LOVE the search functionality.”

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Testimonial - AlexandraCooks

Ali Alexandra's Kitchen


Not in English? Not a problem!

Slickstream's underlying recommendation technology is not English-specific, and we have already localized the Engagement Suite for Spanish, German, Portuguese, Czech and more! Curious if we support your language? Contact us and we'll be happy to confirm.

"Me moría de ganas de encontrar una herramienta que me ayudara a enseñarle a mis lectores todo mi contenido. Me enamoré de Slickstream cuando lo encontré. La tira de contenido rescata todos los post olvidados y el buscador encuentra todo super fácil. Está lo máximo, de verdad, super recomendado."

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Alejandra Piloncillo y Vainilla


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Trying Slickstream on your site is risk-free with our 30-day trial. If you don't like it, you don't pay. Simple as that.

That said, we're pretty sure you'll like it.


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