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Your website is filled with great content. Are your visitors seeing all of it?  It's time you upgraded your user experience with the Slickstream Engagement Suite: a collection of tools designed specifically to increase user engagement for bloggers. We help your visitors find content they'll love, and help publishers direct traffic to the high-value pages that matter most. 

The Basics

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What's Included?

How Does it Work?

Our Discovery Engine is at the center of everything we do. It builds a complete model of your site and learns about visitor behaviors so that it can understand relationships between content and what is most popular. Then we use it to populate our contextual search and discovery tools, meaning your visitors are shown content they're likely to respond to.

We support real-time as-you-type search, configured in a variety of ways. Whether you want to replace your existing search or add a separate module, we make it easy for visitors to discover what they are looking for in just a couple of keystrokes.

These searches are then displayed in our analytics tool, enabling you to see what your visitors are interested in and plan your content accordingly.


Our Favorites function offers visitors the chance to both express their appreciation and save content for later without a cumbersome sign-up process. Users just tap the heart in the bottom right corner and that post is automatically added to their bookmarks. While this doesn't require sign-in by default, we do provide the means to create and manage accounts (and a give users an opt-in prompt for your email list).

Like our other tools, this one is customizable. By default the hearts flutter and show some social components (like the number of likes), but they can be made static and even replaced with other icons. 

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