The Basics

About the Engagement Suite

The Slickstream Engagement Suite is a collection of tools for your website that improve user experience and increase revenue and on-site performance.

  • Slick Search is a fast, responsive, and beautiful way for visitors to find what they're looking for
  • Filmstrips and Content Grids match your site's style and drive traffic to the pages you care about
  • Favorites, Games, and Web Stories are fun, effective ways to keep users active and involved
  • Analytics complements the rest, displaying what visitors are searching for, clicking on, and engaging with

Setting Slickstream up on your site is quick and easy. We have a no-risk free trial that gives you unrestricted access to the Engagement Suite for 30 days, so you can find out if it's right for you. And if you decide to move forward, our simple and transparent pricing starts at just $10 per month. 

How Does it Work?

Our Discovery Engine is at the center of everything we do. It builds a complete model of your site and learns about visitor behaviors so that it can understand relationships between content and what is most popular.

Once the Discovery Engine has analyzed your site, we use it to populate our contextual search and discovery tools. That means visitors are shown content they're likely to respond to, and your engagement metrics improve accordingly.

Case Study: Slickstream Boosts Clicks 17.6%

What's Included?

All of our tools are available right away and included starting Day 1 of your trial. Pick and choose which ones you want on which parts of your site, with the peace of mind that it won't cost you anything extra.


We support real-time as-you-type search, configured in a variety of ways. Whether you want to replace your existing search or add a separate module, we make it easy for visitors to discover what they are looking for in just a couple of keystrokes.

These searches are then displayed in our analytics tool, enabling you to see what your visitors are interested in and plan your content accordingly.




Our Filmstrips can be added into any or all of your pages, presenting visitors with a horizontally scrollable list of pages on your site. The content is picked automatically based on what’s most likely to interest your users, and like all of our modules it can be configured in a variety of different styles.

Slickstream users have access to both the Infinite Filmstrip and the Filmstrip Toolbar. The Infinite Filmstrip sits in place above or below your content, while the Filmstrip Toolbar is designed to appear along the top of the page when a visitor reverses scroll direction. They work just as well independently or together.




Our Heartbeat tool is a floating button that goes into the bottom-right corner of your pages. A visitor taps on the heart (or star if you prefer) to express their appreciation, and sees hearts gracefully flutter up over the page. At the same time, these hearts also appear for all other visitors on that page! This feeling of community is fun, and we typically see 2-3% of pageviews resulting in a heart.

When a visitor taps on the heart, that page is automatically added as one of their Favorites. We save Favorites in the browser by default, while also enabling visitors to save and sync their favorites with an email address. Once Favorites are enabled for the site, visitors can favorite items wherever they see them in lists (search results, recommendations, etc.) by tapping on the corresponding heart. 

Web Stories

Showcase your story-style video on your website with our story carousel, explorer, and video player. You can see these features in action here.



Get creative with engagement using games! We've created a handful of embeddable games that capture users' attention while simultaneously recommending content from your site. 



The Discovery Engine contains a wealth of information about your site, which Slickstream users have access to via our analytics tool.

We pick the insights that matter most to publishers, both about Slickstream's performance and your site's engagement as a whole. Then we present them simply and intuitively, without bogging you down with ‘analysis paralysis’.


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