Hello there!

We see you've been referred to us by a website that uses Slickstream to drive on-site engagement.

Maybe you were curious about that fancy search tool they were using and clicked 'Powered by Slickstream' to find out more. Maybe a friend or colleague pointed you this way. Or maybe you just misclicked and are currently in the middle of closing this tab. Regardless, we're happy you're here!

Let's get you to the right page to learn more:

  • This is the Engagement Suite. If you've got a blog that monetizes via advertising revenue, this is the solution for you. We help your visitors spend less time navigating and more time engaging with your content.
  • This is Slickstream for Business. If you're a content marketer working to increase conversions, we can help. Our search and recommendations contextually incorporate your campaigns and goals to turn every session into a potential conversion, with no work required on your end. 

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Fair question! Slickstream is a simple and affordable software solution for websites. We provide advanced search, recommendations and more that all work right out of the box without complex technical implementations. 

We've got two products for specific use cases:

  • For Bloggers: The Engagement Suite, which is optimized to direct traffic to high-value content pageviews. That means readers spend more time engaging with your posts, and less trying to find them. Key metrics we target include active time on site, bounce rate and content pageviews.
  • For Content Marketers: Slickstream for Business, which is designed specifically with conversions in mind. We connect your content marketing efforts with your KPIs by helping guide the user journey for all visitors, both inside and outside your funnels. 

Well, we don't know anything about your site. But yes.

Slickstream is designed to work everywhere! We're particularly easy to set up on Wordpress sites, where we've got a plugin that makes installation a breeze. We're also very well integrated with HubSpot sites.

But anyone can reap the benefits of increased engagement with Slickstream, and can demo it on one page before having it go live everywhere.

Plus it's free for 30 days, with no commitment and no risk. So what are you waiting for?