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Ensuring Slickstream Has Access To Your Site: Whitelisting Servers

Slickstream is a service that operates in the cloud, not inside WordPress or any other CMS.  Slickstream builds an index for your site in the same way Google does by regularly processing your sitemaps and crawling your pages to keep up with any changes.

As such, Slickstream's servers need access to your site.   If you are running security software (such as Sucuri or StackProtect) or a CDN (such as Cloudflare) they may block access by Slickstream's servers.  To ensure Slickstream can reach your site in these cases, it may be necessary to whitelist the IP addresses of Slickstream's servers.

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Content Report Columns Explained

One of the most data rich analytic tables Slickstream provides is the Content Table accessible from the Content tab in the Slickstream Portal.  This table provides summary information for each page on the publisher's website.  Below are detailed explanations of the content in each column.

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How To Add Slickstream To Your Site

Slickstream is a service, so most of its code runs in the cloud and not inside your website.  As a result it is not dependent on the platform on which your site is built (WordPress, SquareSpace, etc.) and can work with any of them.   What is necessary is to add a small piece of code that must run every time someone visits a page on your site to establish a connection between their browser and Slickstream's servers. 
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Adding Fonts to Stories

You may find that you want to use fonts other than those already built into the Slickstream Story editor.  This article explains how to add Google Fonts to your Slickstream Channel so that they are available when building your stories.

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