Adding a Link to Slickstream Search to Your Menu Bar

If you would like to add a link to Slickstream Search to your menu bar, here are the instructions.

1. Login to WordPress and go to your website.

2. Click Customize.


3. Click Menus.


4. Click Primary Navigation.

    Primary Navigation

5. Click Add Items.

    Add Items

6. Click Custom Links.

    Custom Links

7a. Enter the URL. For example, #list/popular

    Enter URL

    See below for the list of search link options.

7b. Enter the Link Text.  For example, Popular

    Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 12.03.10 PM

 8. Click Add to Menu.

    Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 12.00.06 PM

9. Click Reorder or click and drag the new menu item to the desired position in the list of menu items.


10. Click Publish.


11. Close the window.



Search Link Options:

Slickstream Search URL Where the link goes
#search Search panel
#search?q=query Search panel with a specific query, e.g. #search?q=curry
#list/my-favorites Visitor's favorites
#list/related Posts most nearly related to current post
#list/popular Most popular content (based on traffic)
#list/recent Recent posts with most recent first
#list/my-recent Most recently visited pages on the site
#list/videos List of videos
#list/stories List of web stories