How To Set up Slickstream in Google Analytics

You can integrate Slickstream with Google Analytics to see reports on Slickstream actions from within Google Analytics.  You will need to contact us at to turn on this integration.  Here's an overview, and below are instructions on how to see the reports. 
  1. Login to Google Analytics.

  2. Go to Behavior in the panel on the left.  Then go to Events, and then to Top Events.  Slickstream will appear somewhere in the Event Category list in the table on the right. 
    Google Analytics - to Slickstream Events
  3. Click on the slickstream event category to drill down and see all the Slickstream events.  You can adjust the time frame and other variables to customize the report.  Please note that Slickstream events are also available for all the other reports you can create in Google Analytics.
    Google Analytics - Slickstream Event Action-jpg
Here is the full list of Slickstream events:
  • slickstream-normal: If and when Slickstream loads on a page, we will fire this event
  • search-start: When a user clicks on a Slickstream search button on your page
  • search-hook: When a user clicks on one of your search buttons/boxes that we have hooked to open the Slickstream search panel
  • favorite-added: When a user clicks on the favorite (heart) button to add this page to their favorites list
  • filmstrip-click: When a user clicks on a card in the recommendations filmstrip, causing a new page to load
  • filmstrip-toolbar-click: When a user clicks on a card in the recommendation filmstrip toolbar (that appears typically when scrolling up), causing a new page to load
  • search-click: When a user clicks on an item in the search panel to visit a new page

If you have further questions on this topic, please don't hesitate to contact us at