MailChimp Integration with Slickstream


Slickstream's membership feature enables your site visitors to save their favorites by signing in.   If you use MailChimp, we can automatically add these contacts into your system. 

We handle all of this for you. As part of the sign-up process, a viewer provides their email address, name, and password. We also present them with a checkbox that allows them to choose whether they will allow you (the site owner) to notify them about new content. (You can customize that checkbox message if you want to phrase that choice differently.)

We store this membership information securely in our servers. But we know that this information is valuable to you and we want to make it easily accessible. For publishers who use MailChimp as their email management and delivery system, we support a seamless integration.

Our integration with MailChimp is based on their official V3 REST APIs. It is simple. As new sign-ups happen on your site using our membership system, we use the MailChimp APIs to add/update those contacts in your MailChimp database. If you add MailChimp later, we will go back and add all pre-existing contacts we have into your system shortly after integration is established.

We use MailChimp's model of lists, members, and tags. You decide which list in your MailChimp we will add members to. For each sign-up on your site, we will add (or update) a member in that list. We will include email address and name. If the member does not yet already existing in the list, we will set its status to subscribed or unsubscribed based on whether the user checked the box allowing contact. And we will add tags to the member. We always add a "slickstream" tag to indicate that this member is known to us (regardless of whether we were the one to add the member). We also add a tag that indicates the user's checkbox choice: either "slickstream-contact-accepted" or "slickstream-contact-not-accepted".

MailChimp supports multiple lists. You can decide how you prefer to integrate our members into your system. You can either tell us a list that you already use, in which case we will add/update members in that list. Or you might prefer to create a new list just for our members.

To link Slickstream to your Mailchimp account, sign in at to access your portal and go to your Integrations page.  On that page, find the Mailchimp section and click on the button to link your account.  You'll be taken to Mailchimp where they will authenticate you and you will authorize our access.  We never see or store your credentials. 

With that done, if successful, you will see a list of the "audiences" or email lists you have.  If you have more than one, you'll need to select one and Save.

With this done, we will automatically push all of your existing members into that Mailchimp list and as new sign-ups happen they will automatically be uploaded into Mailchimp as long as your account remains linked.  You can disconnect this link at any time on that same page.

Questions? We'd love to help. Contact us at