Slickstream and Nitropack

As with other caching plugins, Slickstream needs to be excluded from NitroPack's optimization.  Here are instructions.

1.  Login to the NitroPack dashboard by hitting login at the top right on


2.  Once logged in, hit Settings in the menu on the left.

Nitropack - select settings


3.  Scroll down to Excluded resources (Images, JavaScript, CSS, etc.).  If you have no other excluded files,  use the toggle switch on the right to turn on this setting.    

Now hit the Add an Exclude button.

Nitropack - add an exclude


4.  Fill in the Exclude details as follows.

Set the Asset URL/Code to slickstream

Set the Resource Type by hitting the pull down menu and choosing the JavaScript option.

Leave the other details with their default values.

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 5.16.44 PM


5.  Scroll back up to the top of the page and hit Save Settings.

Nitropack - save settings


6.  Now hit Dashboard in the menu on the left and then hit Purge Cache for the change to take effect.

Nitropack - clearing cache

If you have any problems or these instructions are in any way unclear,  please contact Slickstream directly at