Integrating Slickstream First-Party Data with your Ad Network

Slickstream collects and stores lots of first-party data on behalf of its customers. By the nature of what Slickstream does, on each pageview we know a lot about the viewer. As a Slickstream customer, this information is yours to use as you see fit.

One way to use this data is to have your ad network use this information as part of the ad auctions. This data can increase the prices that advertisers will pay for space on your site.

Since both Slickstream and your ad network partner both have code that is running inside the browser during every pageview, it is very easy for this first-party data to be transferred to the ad network and used in the auctions. This is secure because only you can decide what components will run inside pageviews to your site. Because you include both Slickstream and your ad network's embed codes, they can also talk directly to each other. Slickstream has a simple client-side javascript API that your ad network can use to collect the data they need.

For viewers who are signing into Slickstream, or who have previously signed in, their email address is available from within the browser.

It's as simple as this:

  • Listen for an event indicating that Slickstream has finished loading;
  • Listen for an event indicating that the current viewer's identity has changed (due to sign-in, sign-up, etc.); and
  • In these event handlers, ask for the viewer's email address and, if available, include it in ad auction information.

The full details are available in our Javascript Client API documentation.