As with other site speed optimization products, Slickstream needs to be excluded from LiteSpeed Cache optimization.  Here are instructions.

1.  Login to WordPress and open the LiteSpeed Cache panel and select Settings.

LiteSpeed Cache - step 1


2.  Select the Tuning tab.

LiteSpeed Cache - step 2


3.  Find the text box labelled JS Excludes and add embed-nav.js on its own line.

LiteSpeed Cache - step 4


4.  Hit Save Changes at the top right of the tab.

LiteSpeed Cache - step 5

Note, you may need to clear your CDN cache to see Slickstream components on your site after making these changes.

If you have any problems or these instructions are in any way unclear,  please contact Slickstream directly at


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Carl Hubbard

Written by Carl Hubbard

Carl is the VP of Products at Slickstream.

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