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At Slickstream, we believe that giving website visitors a great experience is the best way to steadily build traffic volume over time. That's why we make it easy for publishers to add world-class search and engagement tools without a complicated technical integration or lengthy onboarding.

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Our Features

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Manage Search

Add responsive, as-you-type search with a heap of advanced features that your visitors will love


Give your visitors what they're looking for with content recommendations backed by real data

More Time

Keep users engaged and active on site longer with favorites, web stories, games and more


All this comes together in your analytics portal, with engagement insights you can actually use


Bloggers Love Slickstream

"I love being able to provide readers with the functionality you offer. That search function! Priceless. Anything that makes users come back in this niche is so valuable." Nora, Savory Nothings
"The new suite of analytics data is really fantastic... Sorting by active time lets me see what pages are 'stickiest' and be able to add more calls to action on those pages." Jenni, Pastry Chef Online
“I think Slickstream is amazing! I absolutely LOVE the search functionality.” Alexandra, Alexandra's Kitchen

Case Studies

Results That Speak for Themselves

Case Study - Pinch of Yum
Pinch of Yum's Clicks Increase 17.6%

Want to know how we can increase engagement? We ran a thorough A/B test on Pinch of Yum, and the results honestly blew us away.

Case Study - TwoSleevers
Goal Conversions Climb at TwoSleevers

In our TwoSleevers A/B testing, we made an exciting discovery about our impact on goal conversions as measured by Google Analytics.