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The Slickstream Engagement Suite

A Better Experience for Every Visitor



Frustrated by the lack of high-quality search tools available for publishers? Our solution is fast, responsive, and works on your site without any complicated technical implementation.


Your site is probably filled with "buried treasure" that most visitors never find. Our Discovery Engine learns everything about your site and how your visitors use it, and recommends content that will resonate with your audience via our simple and configurable filmstrip tools.


Engaged users are happy users, and we offer a variety of tools to keep your visitors active for longer. From ‘Heartbeat’ favoriting to on-site games, we’re committed to increasing your engagement and providing the reporting and analytics to prove it.

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Slickstream Users Love the Engagement Suite!


“I had NO idea that Slickstream would do all of this and I am BEYOND excited. I’m loving how it shows what people are searching for, love the favorites option for readers and so.much.more.”
Jessica from Fantabulosity

Jessica Fantabulosity

“I think Slickstream is amazing! I absolutely LOVE the search functionality.”
Ali from Alexandra's Kitchen

Ali Alexandra's Kitchen




Case Study: Slickstream Increases Clicks 17.6%


Want to know how the Engagement Suite will impact your website's engagement metrics? We ran a thorough test on Pinch of Yum to see how their site performs with and without Slickstream, and the results honestly blew us away.



Some of the highlights:

17.6% increase in on-site clicks
1.4% fewer bounces
2.2% more total pageviews

And that's just scratching the surface. Check out the full report here!


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See the Engagement Suite in Action

Publishers of all types and sizes are using Slickstream! Check out a small selection below:


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Slick Stories


Coming Soon: Stories Everywhere

We are now accepting waitlist signups for Slick Stories, a product designed to give you control over your 'story'-style videos. You created them, you own them, now you can use them as you like!

Embed stories anywhere, engage your readers, and showcase the content that you worked hard to create.

Learn more about Slick Stories and join the waitlist today!

Slick Stories


What’s included with the 30-day free trial?
Everything! When you sign up for our free 30-day Engagement Suite trial, we set your website up with the tools you want, at zero cost to you — we won’t even ask for your credit card information up front. If for any reason you don’t like it, you can cancel at any point during your 30-day trial without paying a dime.

If you decide to subscribe, you will need to provide a credit card at that point. You will not be charged for any previous usage — instead, starting one month later, you will be charged based on actual traffic volume during that month.
How will Slickstream impact my site speed?


We've put an enormous amount of time, energy, and thought into keeping your site as fast as possible, and are continuously improving. While we would never claim to have zero effect on site speed, it's safe to say our impact is very small.

You can read more about our impact on site speed here.

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