As the Slickstream filmstrip is often injected fairly high up on posts it can lead to problems with Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

With the 1.1.10 version of the Slickstream Plugin for WordPress there is an option for publishers of Genesis based websites to easily set up a container for the filmstrip to be injected into.  This container pre-allocates space when the page is first rendered ensuring there is no shift when the filmstrip loads.

To set this option, go to the Slickstream plugin settings and select either of the two locations in the Reserve filmstrip space dropdown, see screenshot below.

Slickstream Plugin CLS options

As soon as you make this change, we will detect the presence of the container and immediately start injecting the filmstrip into it.  So, no action is needed on your part beyond adding the container.

Note also that the spacing above and below the filmstrip can be adjusted using the Reserved filmstrip: margin field.  Enter a value in pixels in the following order, top, right, bottom, left to set the margin on each side of the filmstrip.  For example, to set 20 pixels of margin above and below the filmstrip and 10 pixels on either site, enter:

20px 10px 20px 10px

You can also adjust the priority given to the filmstrip which will determine where it is placed compared to other plugins that may also be adding components to the top of a post.  However, this setting is rarely required.

If after making these changes the spacing between the filmstrip and other components on the page still needs to be adjusted, please contact support and we'll help make those updates.

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Carl Hubbard

Written by Carl Hubbard

Carl is the VP of Products at Slickstream.

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