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How To Install the Slickstream Plugin

Image of Lynn Kondo
Lynn Kondo

There are two ways to add the Slickstream embed code to your site.  For an overview of these options see this article.
Below are instructions to install the Slickstream plugin.

1. Login to your WordPress account.


2. In the right hand panel, hover over Plugins, then click Add New.


3. Enter Slickstream in the Keyword field.


4. The Slickstream Search and Engagement plugin will appear.  Click Install Now.

    plugin install now 12-1

5. Click Activate.

    activate plugin 12-1

6. Scroll down the list of plugins to Slickstream Search and Engagement, and click Settings.

    Search and Engagement

   7. Enter your site code, and click Save Changes.

    How to add Slicstream Plugin

You should then exclude Slickstream from certain optimizations depending on the caching plugin you use.  Instructions for how to do this for the following plugins are linked below.
WP Rocket
WP Fastest Cache
PageSpeed Ninja
LiteSpeed Cache
If you run into any problems with these instructions, don't hesitate to contact us at


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