Multi-Language Support Added to Engagement Suite

The Slickstream Engagement Suite now supports sites that use multiple languages.

Some of our publisher's sites have more than one language on the same site. In our latest release, we've added better support for these sites.

Work and travel immigration opportunity concept. Foreign language studying process. Woman with question mark and icons of international flags above head isolated on gray wall background.


We have always had support for different languages. Each site has a language setting, and this is used to localize the experience and to determine the rules for parsing content when determining recommendations and search matches. Localization means that on a German site, for example, the words you see on the search panel will be in German rather than in English.

In our new multi-language feature, each different group of pages on your site (corresponding to different tabs on your Config page in your Slickstream portal) can have a different language associated with it. Your site might be set to English, but if you have a group of pages that are in German, for example, those pages will be parsed in German. Recommendations on these pages will give preferences to other German pages. When searching from a German page, the search panel will be in German, and the search results will give preference to other German pages.

If your site has more than one language, let us know and we can help you organize your page groups accordingly.