Slickstream and Mediavine First Party Data Integration

This article describes Slickstream's integration with Mediavine’s Identity API that allows publishers who use the Mediavine ad network to directly benefit from first party data collected by Slickstream.  

What does this mean to you as a publisher?

First, no action is required to turn this on.   This integration is automatically enabled as of 2/10/2021.  If you'd like to opt out of this integration at any time, please just contact Slickstream Support.

First party data amounts to being able to identify a visitor to your site based on their email address.  For some of your visitors, their email address is known because they have signed in to Slickstream.  The primary reason a visitor would sign in to Slickstream is to store or retrieve their list of favorite posts (more on that below).

When a visitor is signed into Slickstream, this integration allows an anonymized version of their email address to be immediately shared with Mediavine which they in turn use in all ad auctions that take place over the course of that visitors visit to your site.  If an advertiser bidding in those ad auctions is prepared to pay a premium given this anonymized identity information, then you benefit.

The primary way that Slickstream encourages your visitors to sign up on you site is via its membership/favoriting system whereby your visitors can create and store lists of their favorite posts.  Slickstream's membership system does not span sites and visitors who sign up on your site become members on your site only.  This information is not shared across sites.

As part of the membership system you can define the messages your visitors see as they go through the sign up process.  For publishers who use the Mediavine ad network, Slickstream automatically updates the consent message to make it clear that the visitor's email address will be used for ad personalization.

Slickstream and Mediavine Integration Email usage message


This article provides more details about the membership system and how to set membership options and customize the associated messages.